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Among the over 20,000 properties for sale in the Costa del Sol, we work with our clients to find the one that fits their needs. Whether you are looking for your holiday home, primary residence, beach-side, mountain-side, with views, villa style, or whatever it may be, our team will do a thorough search of all the properties on the market. With our knowledge of the local markets and different areas, we will partner with you to offer the best suggestions possible.
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Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions our clients will make, and what makes the biggest difference during this process is having the right advice and guidance.Alongside this is the knowledge that our agency can provide, in not only finding the right property, but also paying the best price possible.
With DAEMI Real Estate, not only do our clients have access to a knowledgeable team, but also access to many properties through Spain, and especially in the Costa del Sol region; including areas such as the Golden Mile, Marbella Center, Nueva Andalucia, Sierra Blanca, La Zagaleta, Puerto Banus, Guadalmina Alta and Baja, and Sotogrande just to name a few. But more importantly, we have the local knowledge of construction quality, materials, craftsmanship, and access to technical experts who can provide reports.
The most important part of finding our clients their perfect home is listening to their needs and understanding what they are searching for. We represent our clients' best interests throughout the whole process: search, negotiation, inspections, closing and even financing options.
In the event that our client's need financing options, they can rely on our team to search around on their behalf to find the best mortgage available as options towards purchasing their new property.
As a holistic business, DAEMI will also be able to not only provide guidance on how to improve the new house purchase through remodeling or interior design, but also offer renovation and interior design furniture packages through our network of furniture suppliers and construction teams.
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Sell with us
Selling a home can be such an eventful decision for our clients, and it has the potential to yield a high return on investment. Choosing which agency to work with can drastically affect these results, and it can make the difference between how long our client's home sits on the market, and potentially the difference of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of euros.
Maneuvering through the sales process can be complicated, with many questions, concerns, steps, consultation and advice. This is why working with our team, our clients benefit the most by allowing us to advertise, market, remodel, and present our client's home to maximize their profits. We offer professional photography, videography, drone footage, floor-plan measurements, 360 virtual tours, inspections, maximum market exposure, connections through agents and relationships, open houses, and more.
With DAEMI, our clients can rest assured that our real estate team and our legal team work hand in hand to ensure the smoothest and most successful results possible.
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How much are the lawyer fees of buying a property in Marbella?
Lawyers are essential for purchase transactions to go smoothly. The fees they charge are typically 1% +VAT of the purchase price. Although it is not mandatory to use a lawyer, it is strongly recommended to ensure the due diligence process and to perform all the legal checks of purchasing a property. It is a small fee to pay in comparison to the investment of purchasing a new home.
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How much are notary and registry fees of buying a property in Marbella?
This fee depends on a variety of factors, including the value of the property, as well as the complexity of the deed. It can vary from 1000€ - 3000€ approximately.
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How much is the inspection process or due diligence when purchasing a home?
As a part of the legal process, we will commission a technical report to be drafted by our architects. This report provides an overall state of the property, its installation, and checks for water damage. This report can be essential during the negotiation process, as well as ensuring that your purchase as an official report by an expert. The cost of this can vary depending on the property, from 500€ - 2000€ +VAT.
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What is required to buy property in Spain?
One of the great advantages to buying property in Spain is that it is not restricted to only residents - this means that anyone, as long as they have the correct paperwork, can buy property in Spain. The process to ensure you have all the paperwork prepared correctly can be done by our lawyers, and some examples are that you will need a NIE Number (National Identification Number), a bank account in Spain, and to complete legal and fiscal procedures.
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What are the purchase taxes for buying property in Spain?
There are two different types of properties, the first is brand-new bought from the developer, and the second is a previously owned property. These two have different tax liabilities. A property bought from the developer has a VAT of 10% and another Stamp Duty of 1.2% of the purchase price. On the other hand, a previously owned property has a lower tax liability of only 7% (as of 2022). This tax can be paid up to 30 days after the signing at the notary.
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Does the €500,000 to obtain a Golden Visa all need to be invested in one property?
The short answer is no. As long as at least €500,000 (before taxes) is invested in any number of real estate properties, whether it is residential or commercial. The acquired property can even be used to generate rental income. It does not have to serve as your place of residence.
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Can I get a mortgage for a Golden Visa Property?
After the minimum amount of €500,000 has been provided by the investor/applicant, the remainder of the purchase price of the property can be acquired through a means of a mortgage.
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What are the stages of buying a property in Spain?
Once we have found the property you’ve been searching for we will need to submit a written offer to the seller. Once the negotiations have been completed, and the seller has accepted the offer we move to the next step.
During this stage we now secure the property for you and take it off the market. This is done by signing a Reservation Agreement, and depending on the price of the property the deposit can vary from 3000€ - 6000€. This deposit will be sent and held by the seller’s lawyer account. With this reservation agreement, not only has it taken the property off the market, but it has also secured the purchase price.
An important step in making sure this process goes smoothly is making sure all the paperwork is prepared beforehand by a lawyer. Such has having a NIE Number and Spanish bank account.
During this stage our lawyers will start collecting all the papers in relation to the property and begin the legal procedures of performing due diligence. Making sure the property is free from debts, and other issues. Once the lawyer has completed this, the next step is to sign the PPC (Private Purchase Contract), and the buyer pays a deposit, which is typically 10% of the purchase price. This typically happens within 1 to 2 weeks of the reservation contract.
This final stage is done in the Notary, and it typically takes place 30-45 days after the reservation. At this point all the taxes and costs are due, and it is the final contract of sale. You will leave this meeting with the keys to your new home!

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